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Top Twitter Influencers- The Glue Of Twitter Networks

Twitter and Its Uses

Twitter is an online American service which was created by Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, and Evan Williams on 21st March 2006 in California as a social networking and online news site, helping the users to easily interact with posts and messages known as tweets. Nowadays twitter has hiked up a lot with tweets of various celebrities becoming a breaking news every day. There is something or the other, a good news, a condolence, something about a new movie release or any social issue, each and every day, to become a news for the media and their followers. Along with the Bollywood celebrities, politicians or other well-known people, there are various other inspiring people on Twitter with a huge number of followers too.

Top Influencers

Twitter influencers are people, without whom conversations don’t exist, providing passion to their followers by holding an important position in the social sphere. Top Twitter influencers, having an excellent reach are:

  • Christian Collins- He is a music artist and vlogger with 12M reach including all common social networking sites and 2M on twitter. His specialties are clothing, travel, health and beauty, food and entertainment. He owns 13 badges of top influencers from various social networking sites.
  • Shinobi Ninja- It is a band of six individuals with 2M reach. These individuals have interests in styling, fashion, music, DJing, video and music production. They own 5 badges including the very popular and large audience intelligence badges.
  • Crawford Collins- He is a vlogger along with being an entertainer with specialties in clothing, food and drinks, entertainment and various electronics and apps. He has a 3M overall reach and 1M reach on Twitter with 11 badges of being influential.
  • Miguel Angel Breceda- He is an influencer with interests in nature, travel, food, and technology, specializing in all about travel, restaurants, games, and electronics with a  770K overall and 728K Twitter reach.
  • Nicolas- Nicolas of Colombia basically deals with clothes for promotion with specialties in jewellery, restaurants, entertainment, electronics and also pets along with having a 3M reach and 679K Twitter reach, owning 11 badges of being influential.

There are around 34,000 influencers in the community and if you want to become a part of it as well, you need to navigate the social sphere of Twitter and also go and read online as to what steps you need to follow to become a good twitter influencer with a huge fan following.

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