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Things to know about Twitter account recovery

Twitter is a great social networking web application and it can offer users with capability to share information. With the help of twitter, you can post news, status updates, events, jokes and other kinds of information. In twitter, posts are completely limited to 140 characters and it could be sent and received through text messaging to traditional desktop application. If you are a businessman then you can take advantage on creating twitter account. Tons of the benefits are involved when you are having twitter account like stay connected, promotion, outreach, stay informed and research. In twitter, deactivated accounts might be reactivated within 30 days of the deactivation by logging in with password and username on

Detailed information about twitter account recovery

Now a day most of the people are having question about how to recover Twitter account and you can easily recover your password by using some effective tips. In case you don’t remember your twitter account password then you can contact their support team and they might be able to assist with reactivating twitter account. Once your twitter account is reactivated then you can request password reset email. If you lost access to email when you signed up then you can follow below step by step instructions like

  • If you are having twitter app at your android or iOS device then open it and update it with your email address.
  • Suppose you are not having twitter app then try to login at your twitter account by visiting Once you logged in then you can update your email address at  your account settings
  • In case you have added mobile number for your account then you might receive sms password reset code
  • Suppose you forget your password and lost access for your account email then you must contact twitter support team immediately.

Fantastic information about twitter account recovery

Once you receive password emails but you are struggling to log in then you must follow some effective tips like try logging from different browser, try again and make sure that your browser accept cookies. Twitter is the best platform to business people and celebrity. Most of the business people, individuals and organizations are using twitter in order to promote their business products. Twitter might text you 6 digit codes that could be valid for fifteen minutes so you must use it before expiration. You might enter code into text field on password reset page.

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